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Info for D3Cleaner 
1. Basics
2. Data
3. How to use it?
4. Innovations
update Version 0.85
1. Basics:
D3Cleaner is intended to move superfluous data  
or to delete them! This may speed up the launching of Descent. 

I got the idea to create a D3 cleaner during some tests to build a batch file like Do_Checkor.
But my DOS skills arenīt the best anymore, 
and itīs been a while since I used DOS, so I decided to create my own tool.

Pilot PLT-Files wich are not in use 
(will be moved to /custom Folder - not erased!)
  Shiplogos , Audio Taunts , STATS-Data

2. Data:
The D3 Cleaner includes:
1. D3Cleaner.exe (This is for the config of your settings)
2. Cleanstart.exe (will start the cleaning procedure and will
launch Descent without the launcher window)
3. d3cleaner.ini
4. keys.ini
5. logos.ini
6. taunts.ini (this is the file for your D3-Cleaner settings)
7. readme_english.txt
8. readme_german.txt

3. How to use it?:
First of all you have to start 'D3cleaner.exe'. You can adjust D3 Cleaner's settings
to your needs there. Don't forget to save them afterwards. You can now start the cleaning from there. 
Also, you are able to test your 
commandline switches (frames per second - Test). You only have 
to start a time test. Important is that you have  
'secret2.dem' .

4.Innovations :
The programm is able to play audio taunts.
The noname pilot bug is solved.
The complete network settings of Descent can be arranged.
You will be able to set your PXO Login.
There is a built-in interface to start some add-on tools.
You have now the option to join directly into a game.
And you are able to link the D3Cleaner to your desktop.

About the networksettings/PXO :
All networksettings/PXO will be written to your registry every time 
you start D3Cleaner.
That means : 
There is a new option to create desktop icons for you and your friends.
The only thing you have to do is to make a new folder for your pilot and put the data into it (copy)
If this is done, everyone who uses Descent on your PC is only a click away from the mines :) 

About direct connect :
Sometimes I am not able to join games which are shown in Gate.
I dont know why, but they are not shown in the Descent Server list 
The cleaner will give you the chance to set up the ip address of the server you want to join. You only have to follow 
the link to the server tracker sites where you can find the IP address and the port number.


I do not take any responsibility for damage, crashes etc. by the use of these programs develop. There is no warranty for error free functioning.


To update a previous version of D3Cleaner you just have to replace the program files in your D3 Cleaner folder. 

Version 0.85

 Download : D3Cleaner   98kb 

  Download : D3Cleaner with configuration data 98kb

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